Before starting any logo design or identity design assignment its essential to get transparent idea of what the client’s product and what the product does in the market. To begin with the pre-design research, I usually ask these following key questions to client to save my time and effort.

  1. What is your brand name, tagline and how much does the name alone contribute to the brand?
  2. What doesn’t you do, or do well in comparison of other players your market?
  3. Who might you compete with in the future? Please mention similar services, well-known names in your industry and who are the customer favourites.
  4. Who are your ideal customers? What is their Age range, what do your customers watch, what do they read, and how do they find your business.
  5. What restrictions for the logo (size, color, readability) Please specify your colour preferences, or existing brand colours, if any.
  6. Do you want to suggest any inspiring visuals associated with the product/idea/location?
  7. Some examples of best and worst logos you want to refer. If possible please specify why you liked or disliked them.
  8. Few years back I used to ask many more questions which went unanswered most of the time, so I trimmed them to fit within 7. For the deadline and budget I get the idea from my hire-me form.

Photo: oberazzi