Art of staying focused on the work is equally essential as your skills on using pencil and artboard. Either you are a designer or a developer, concentration is always the vital ingredient of your every recipe.

Going to share you some of the factors relating to stay focused on the work. Each of them, I learned through my own trial and error process.

They say if you at least meditate for 30 minutes a day, you can spend rest of the day focused and calm. But you need to have quite a patience and routine to sit on a corner of a room, doing nothing for 30 minutes every day.

I used to listen to the same song repeatedly for thousands of times or more while working to cut outside noise and stay focused on the work. This process helped me to achieve some sort of concentration.

We must sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Create complete schedule for each day, where you can have at least 2 important works to complete beside checking email, replying and discussing with client over skype and phone.

Working offline can helps you to avoid minor distractions of email and social media.

We must avoid multitasking. If you are designing and talking over the phone at a same time, you’ll naturally turn rude either or miss some of the vital points on design. Better to stop your work till you complete your conversation. I believe using more than one thing at a time may ruin all your patience to stay focused.

Spend a day in a week with your loved ones or reward yourself by going out for a walk / long ride.

If none of the above worked, than you may look for better opportunities in life. Life is precious and beautiful and we should be enjoying it as much as possible.

Photo: toolstop