Brand Loyalty or Human Billboard

I’m sure there is no undo option for Apple or Microsoft tattoos, what if someone have a tattoo of Lehman Brothers or General Motors LOGO 🙂 kidding.

Since two years, I’m surfing through a variety of corporate tattoos like Nike swoosh tattoo and Adidas. Do you think people who exhibit these tattoos are paid to do so?? I explored into the subject deeper and came to a conclusion that none of those corporate tattoo exhibitors are paid. Those people are just loyal to those brands. Mostly designers are fascinated with Apple tattoo & sports person with sports brand tattoos.
I think a successful branding is what, which can leave a footprint of their existence in the viewers sub conscious state of mind. But corporate tattoo proves there is another pro successful branding process, which can motivate peoples to make tattoo for the brand.

While digging the topic I passed through a similar post which is wired here in brief.

There are all kinds of people with Apple tattoos, from graphic designers to leading academicians. Most have Apple’s famous logo tattooed on an arm, leg or their backside.
But it’s not really about advertising for Apple.”I’m a Mac freak,” said Mark Tappert, a graphics designer in Denmark who has a black Apple logo tattooed on his left biceps.
“I identify strongly with Apple and Mac computers,” he said. “I work on Macs every day, and a lot of nights. I got it done to convince myself I would always be true to Apple, not for religious or political reasons, but to convince myself that Macs are the way ahead.”
There are, of course, other corporate brands that inspire tattoos: Coca-Cola, Nike and Lacoste are some examples.

Apple is one of the few companies that inspire tattoos through pure love of the product. There are perhaps only two other companies that enjoy similar devotion: Harley Davidson and Campagnolo, an Italian bicycle parts company. Apple is certainly the only computer company with tattooed users.
The closest analogy is fans of sports teams, members of fraternities and other social groups, such as Marines, Manchester United soccer fans, gang members or fraternity brothers. And just as sports fans will often get team haircuts, Apple haircuts are another form of adornment peculiar to Mac fans.
“So many tattoos are about love, loyalty and bravado,” said Amy Krakow, author of The Total Tattoo Book. “Don’t Mac users fall into all those categories?”

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  1. Do you want an Apple tattoos, Kris?

  2. I think “No” to apple or any other brands tattoo, but I’m always fascinated with tribal arts.

  3. I got 5 tattoos, believe me but I regret it like hell.Well Kriz I too love tribal designs. I don’t know why people get themselves apple logo,nike signs etc etc..its funny to me more than surprising and m sure,they must be regretting more than me.hehe..
    Nyways Thanx for the comment.take care

  4. Oh plz… logo on ur body… better think about something creative rather than any logo…