In today’s world of fierce competition, branding has become an integral part of every business strategy. Branding relates to creating an image of any product, service or business that can be easily depicted in as brief a form as a symbol, punch line etc. However, behind that symbol lie the complete ideology and the statement delivered by the complete brand. There are many glorious examples of success of branding like Nike’s ‘Swoosh’, Toyota’s ‘Bull’, Budweiser’s ‘Wassup!’. Such subtle depictions of a brand create long lasting memories about the brand in the minds of people.

These memories will create a sort of association with the brand.

The whole branding process can be summarized into three broad aspects. Firstly, one needs to ensure that the product being marketed is a quality product. Because, however strong the branding campaign is, the product will only survive if it really offers quality to consumers. Second, identify who are the customers for your product, and then only your branding campaign will stand relevant. No point reaching people who are never going to buy your product. Lastly, back the brand will full support and responsibility. You have to feel strongly about your brand and then only the customers will also do so.