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Mistakes are only mistakes when we don’t learn from them.

Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.



Logo Design: Genie

Genie is a delivery service start-up in Dubai. As per their tag line they actually deliver convenience. I was assigned to design Logo and other print materials.


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Logo Design: Mardor

MARDOR is a special niche company that centers its attention on safety for the elderly and infirm . Mardor equipment  assist the mature adult, and the needing assistance individual in the family. It makes  bathing carefree, pleasurable, and safer and help those with mobility issues, and provide for easier everyday living.

I was assigned to design a logo for them, and below are  the different design options and the chosen one.

Logo Design Option 1


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How to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer without losing your peace of mind

Step 1: Know what you want

Make your requirements clear about what is the job and how much skill is required. Don’t cast Tom Hanks for an extra’s role!

Step 2: Sieve out of the hay-stack

The world is full of graphic designers. You need to find the right on for you. Get online and primary reviews. Do your research on the available skills.

Step 3: Ask the field experts

The best sources of reviews are people who work long term with graphic designers. Ask graphics printers and web designers for first hand reviews.

Step 4: Expand your boundaries

With internet being the major communication medium, you are not limited to finding a local freelancer. The world is your playground and you can find your guy from anywhere if he does the right job for you. Read more →

Branding – For better or Worse

In today’s world of fierce competition, branding has become an integral part of every business strategy. Branding relates to creating an image of any product, service or business that can be easily depicted in as brief a form as a symbol, punch line etc. However, behind that symbol lie the complete ideology and the statement delivered by the complete brand. There are many glorious examples of success of branding like Nike’s ‘Swoosh’, Toyota’s ‘Bull’, Budweiser’s ‘Wassup!’. Such subtle depictions of a brand create long lasting memories about the brand in the minds of people.

These memories will create a sort of association with the brand.

The whole branding process can be summarized into three broad aspects. Firstly, one needs to ensure that the product being marketed is a quality product. Because, however strong the branding campaign is, the product will only survive if it really offers quality to consumers. Second, identify who are the customers for your product, and then only your branding campaign will stand relevant. No point reaching people who are never going to buy your product. Lastly, back the brand will full support and responsibility. You have to feel strongly about your brand and then only the customers will also do so.

My Vector drawing process.

Last night after completing a couple of assignments, I thought of making a camera lens and later got engrossed in transforming it into a camera. This is how a simple thought converts into a complex drawing that, actually, pacifies, my mind which would initially be oozing with loads of “don’t know WHAT”. Yes, drawing vector graphics, satisfies my inner desire of continuity in a picture. It means more then meditation to me. :)
So, here is how it went.
1. Firstly, I visualized how the final drawings would look like. I would consider this to be the test of one’s creativity, because if you are a reasonable designer then the final drawing would be a replica(or something close) of your thoughts (no wonder sometimes novices can prove more creative, unintentionally though :) ).

2. Filling colors can be a little tricky. You have to be realistic in choosing colors and apply them with caution as a simple misjudgment can ruin the final picture.
What I did on the lens was filled the inner circle “SOLID BLACK” and “FOUNTAIN FILLED” the outer circle.

3. Application of effects (Or creating them) involves skills as well as creativity. Please notice the difference the circle within the outer grey circle has made and also while working with the camera the angle of alignment of the circles(WRT the center of course) need to be taken care of.. you can go by your instincts(not recommended for novices) or stick to geometrical calculations, that is always recommended even if you are an expert.(I went by instincts ;) )

4. Here I used two transparent semi circles and a circle with fountain transparency. Finally
(phew!) and I hope you can figure out a camera and a lens from my drawing.
It still needs a few more hours of polishing.

A designer would never say his/her design is complete, would he :) ?

And Hey !!! don’t forget to watermark it….