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10 mantras for a freelance graphic designer

Here, I’ve summed up 10 mantras for a freelance graphic designer.

1. Be an idea freak than a tool jockey.
2. Corporate style sucks, try something out of box.
3. Don’t write, illustrate, visual expression is even stronger then words.
3. Don’t believe in your fans and friends “LIKE” they even praise your cat’s picture.
4. Minor distraction is poison to kill major productivity, so use social media responsively. Read more →

Design A Successful Website

Making a website successful on Internet is an art in itself. The process has a lot of facets attached to it. The parameters of success will depend on the objective of your website. If you are on Internet for making money out of your website, making a fancy and jazzy website will not solve the purpose. You will have to incorporate features in your website that can sell your website and help in reaching out to as many customers as possible.

Further, your offerings should be lucrative enough to guide customers to take appropriate actions on your website.

Firstly, you need to decide upon the niche of your website. It is crucial as the niche should be something that will sell and innovative. Then you should make sure that whole of your website is focused on the selected niche and does not digress from it.

When you start building the website, there will be lot of technical aspects that you will have to take care of. These aspects will help make your website friendly to search engines and hence attract more audience. The most important requirement is an intelligent use of relevant keywords on your website. Then you should also work on meta tags, URLs, graphics and website design and layout.