Quoting price is a very uphill task for any freelance logo designer. He/She not only has to satisfy his own expectations, but also has to meet client requirements. To add to that, the most challenging aspect of logo design is that you cannot quantify it, which makes the pricing of logo design work a puzzling task? The nature of work is completely different from all other types of work where you can simply count or measure the amount of work because it is mostly regular and repeating in effort.

The most common ways that are used by freelance logo designers include charging on hourly basis and on project basis. But these methods hardly satisfy the purpose. Hourly charging method can be vague and even the hourly effort may not be consistent in all projects as the job is not mechanical. Project based charging also does not work completely as you may not be able to judge the amount of required effort at the start of the project. So, you can’t actually find an exact formula.

The best way to find an appropriate pricing is by experience. As you get to work on different projects and with different clients, you will be able to reach a pricing process by quoting and correcting the quotes.

Photo: SKPY