How to meet deadline?

Its tough to get a new assignment for newcomer freelance graphic designer and to complete the job within the deadline is even harder.  A single minute makes a huge difference. Few years back I used to switch off my phone, lock the door from inside to avoid friends and other visitors just to complete the job on the given deadline. Once you know, what time management is, giving priority to the works and full concentration is, then meeting deadline will be easier for you. Here are few basic things to avoid deadline rush. You shouldn’t be optimistic, don’t fix a deadline which you think you will not be able to meet. Commitment is good but you should be realistic with your deadlines. In order to impress the client or to get the project you shouldn’t lie to your clients. You should make sure that you and the client are in agreement with a specific deadline including time of days. While quoting for the project don’t quote 1day if you can finish the assignment in a day, rather quote 30 hours and delivery within 24 hours, this process will enhance your relation with client. Don’t take workload if you are already working with an assignment. Always speak the truth with client, never say your assignment is about to finish if the work is in pre-stage. The biggest fault of a designer missing the deadline is the commitment of handling more than what he can.

If you are hired for a project, don’t try to complete the project at one go, the outcome will always be a mistake. It will be far better if you try to tackle the project step by step. Just analyze the project break it into steps, then start doing it. You might have experienced that a client sometimes asks for a change in your design, what do you think is the reason for that? To me that is due a lack of communication with the client. When you get the project, don’t make a hush just ask the client properly until an unless you are clear with the clients idea, because you are designing for the client. He is the main priority at that point of time.

If you are not able to meet the deadline (probably you have overcommitted), just contact the client and try to fix another deadline. It’s much better to contactthe client to let go the deadline without any communication. It’s ok for only once that you haven’t meet the deadline, so for your future progress take a few minutes to analyze the reason or what went wrong that you were not able to meet the deadline.

If you want to have a productive schedule you have to maintain your own time like when to work, when to sleep and when to eat. Some people whenever they feel like working late they work late and when they don’t want to work they don’t. This is not a way o maintaining your schedule. You should sleep 6 hours maximum for your good health. A healthy body has a healthy mind and if you have a healthy mind you can concentrate on your work. You should avoid junk foods and start having a real food. After working for an hour or two you must take a rest of at least 10 minutes having a glass of water. It will make your mind relax and then you can make a good pick up on your work. Even if your deadline is coming near don’t stress on it, just be calm and try to concentrate on it. In that situation you shouldn’t concentrate on useless thing while you are working on your project.

If you are a new freelancer graphic designer, when you are hired for a project just try to make two deadlines. It’s just for your convenience only, so that you wouldn’t stress. Even if your client agree to give you 2 deadlines, it’s good for you. It depends on you that you finish the job before the 1st deadline or the 2nd. If possible don’t go for the 2nd deadline, better to complete the project before the 1st deadline.

As a graphic designer you always make designs, you may take it easily. Its ok… according to your experience you can act like that. But, personally I always take my work seriously and as a challenge which has always motivated me in my work. Because of this I have never crossed my deadline; I have always been able to complete the project on time.

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