The name is Relevance Path. The work we do for our clients is online marketing, search engine optimization, etc. Rather than Internet marketing or online marketing we use “Inbound Marketing”, which focuses on “getting found”. Our approach to marketing our client’s businesses is to “Attract, Engage, Nurture, Convert”. excerpt from client’s email

This is probably the fifth logo design project I’ve handled for my Canadian client JP Obbagy & Keith Haberl. This time, my Task was to create logo for Relevance Path.

As my usual logo design process, I started with pre-design reserch and gathering of ideas.

Here I made five different some design variations for the logo.

1. Using Funnel (As insisted by the client)

1. Using Graph

Google Analytics style of graph

1. Using Arrow

Two of the pointers facing different directions and another two towards same direction.

1. Using Ladder

1. Using Highway

Revision Rounds.

As client loved the idea of using arrow, so I created few more variations for the same.


Client loved the idea of using arrow in Negative Space.

Logo in Reverse and single colour.

Upcoming website design of Relevance Path.

Cover page of brand identity guideline.

Logo in backgrounds.

Space Division around the logo.

Dummy texts for paragraph formatting style.

Texture with the logomark.

Primary and secondary colors for the logo.

Client’s Testimonial:

“I have worked with Krishna on a number of different graphics projects and keep returning because of his creativity and skill. The latest involved creating a logo for our inbound marketing agency. Based on experience, I knew it was best to give some broad direction but let his creativity come out. In short our guidelines were: clean, not overly busy, very few colours, but not “blue chip” colours, something that evokes trust, knowledge, modern nothing frilly, dainty or complicated possible use of a funnel or arrow.
Krishna delivered with enthusiasm and we found a match in the second round of design alternatives. We particularly like the combined simplicity and complexity of the arrow and have had many compliments. I highly recommend Krishna.”
JP Obbagy
Managing Partner
Relevance Path Inbound Marketing