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  1. I think IBM’s first logo is better than the current!

  2. My father worked for the firm Royal Dadmun & Associates, in Baltimore, Maryland, as a graphic artist. That firm did most of the package design and other work for Phillip Morris. My father designed the original Marlboro logo with the “m” in lower case. He felt it had more “visual balance.” At the insistance of Phillip Morris, the lower case “m” was changed to an upper case “m” as we have always known it to be. This took place in the early 1950’s. He also did work on Salem, Newport and Camel brands. My father loved the fact that he could always get free cigarettes from Phillip Morris. He passed away in 1986 from lung cancer. I lovingly refer to my dad as the original “Marlboro Man.”

  3. kriszha… you have spread it well for the persons who are searching for the top brand logos… thanks keep it up

  4. … Kenneth…… m so sorry about your dad….and i will also say that your daddy was an original marlboroman……we would like to know much more about him…..

  5. Hi , You have helped to find ‘Marlboro Man’ and by this you are giving recognition to designers like him. What a great service!. I simply thank you for this. (i am not connected with ‘Marlboro Man’ But he is a logo designer. and i am a web designer and developer)

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    20 Famous Logo Designs

  8. Hello? Nike? FedEx?