Logo design is in itself an art that has a lot of commercial value as well. A logo has many functions to perform. It has to represent the brand capturing the idea behind the brand in a concise and complete manner. At the same time they have to visually appealing, simple and obviously innovative. So, you can’t write a story for a logo. It just has to be a simple image or text with only two or three elements in it. So less for so much, isn’t it?

These requirements make it essential to use what ever space is available to you to the maximum effect. This brings us to the importance of utilizing the negative spaces available in the logo design so that they can also show and convey something.

By definition, as provided in art, negative spaces are spaced aligning about or with in the main elements of an image. Generally, these spaces are just leftovers after one has put the all the major elements in the image.

However, in logo design, with so little space to work with, on simply cannot afford to lose even that much of space. Using this very idea, people have been creating some of the most interesting and innovative logo designs by utilizing negative space. The famous FedEx logo is a classic example of use of negative space.