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Productify Gmail for Freelancers

There are plenty of project management & online colaboration tools out there. Wide popular are Basecamp, Assembla, Activecollab etc. But they are mainly designed to suit the requrement of larger agencies.

I’m a google apps user, and I use to login my @kriszha mail. I believe most of the freelancer uses gmail either with or google apps like me. Here you go step by step how to productify your gmail inbox to manage your projects, setting up priority, adding to task, and segregate them in category.

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Most Valuable Global Brands 2012

Four years ago I’ve posted an article titled Logos and Designer of World’s Top 10 Most Powerful Brands, 2008. Post was based on the annual ranking of wordwide brands conducted by Millward Brown as part of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study.

It was become quite a successful blog post because that helped me to find out the real designer behind the Marlboro logo, who is Allison Muir Severe.

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Great free fonts for logo design 2012

Choosing right typeface for logo design is an art. Today I have rounded up few free fonts for logo design. Most of them are free for personal use , for commercial use you can buy them.

Mosaic Leaf

font for logo

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10 mantras for a freelance graphic designer

Here, I’ve summed up 10 mantras for a freelance graphic designer.

1. Be an idea freak than a tool jockey.
2. Corporate style sucks, try something out of box.
3. Don’t write, illustrate, visual expression is even stronger then words.
3. Don’t believe in your fans and friends “LIKE” they even praise your cat’s picture.
4. Minor distraction is poison to kill major productivity, so use social media responsively. Read more →

Logo Design: Unicrete

Unicrete is a manufacturer of cement products, mainly interlocking pavers and curbstones.

Product picture

Finalized Logo

Other Design Options

Finalized logo in Black and white and reverse.

Advertisement design for a yellowpage.

Business card designs for Unicrete.

Logo Mark for Unicrete.


Created on: June 2011
For: Unicrete, Cairo, Eygpt.

Logo Design: Case China


CASE China is a logistics provider.  We have gone through 5-7 options and revision to finalize with this logo.

Created on: January, 2011
For the Client: CASE, China

Logo Design Process: Relevance Path

The name is Relevance Path. The work we do for our clients is online marketing, search engine optimization, etc. Rather than Internet marketing or online marketing we use “Inbound Marketing”, which focuses on “getting found”. Our approach to marketing our client’s businesses is to “Attract, Engage, Nurture, Convert”. excerpt from client’s email

This is probably the fifth logo design project I’ve handled for my Canadian client JP Obbagy & Keith Haberl. This time, my Task was to create logo for Relevance Path.

As my usual logo design process, I started with pre-design reserch and gathering of ideas.

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Survey can be fun, when it becomes quiz

Online surveys are usually boring topic. But it can be fun, when it comes as illustration or quiz, you just need to click on the right image.

Just came across these illustrations as quiz, found pretty interesting stuff. You can see more here Chrome OS pilot program quiz

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Logo Design: ARK

Name says everything about the logo, Act of Random Kindness an Indian non-profit organization, works to educate underprivileged Children.

Here I started playing with words to get inside the subject. Read more →

How to Maximize Package Design at Retail

Just came across an excellent article by Scott Lucas, Executive Director of Interbrand. Here is the excerpt.

1. Understand the difference between consumers and shoppers.

2. Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to package design research.

3. Incorporate the consumer voice into package design.

4. Realize that brand purchase decisions are far more instinctive than rational.

5. Leverage the in-home experience.

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