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Logo Design: German Efficiency

The client approached me with an idea of using flying eagle or an eagle at take-off. Somewhat modern and stylised and simplistic. So I proceed further in same tune.

Basic sketch of taking-off eagle.

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Logo Design: Affiliate Australia

The name itself is quite self explanatory, I was assigned to design a logo.

After doing my usual pre-design research, here I started getting more deeper to the subject.

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How much to charge for a logo design?

Quoting price is a very uphill task for any freelance logo designer. He/She not only has to satisfy his own expectations, but also has to meet client requirements. To add to that, the most challenging aspect of logo design is that you cannot quantify it, which makes the pricing of logo design work a puzzling task? The nature of work is completely different from all other types of work where you can simply count or measure the amount of work because it is mostly regular and repeating in effort.

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Logo Design: Mardor

MARDOR is a special niche company that centers its attention on safety for the elderly and infirm . Mardor equipment  assist the mature adult, and the needing assistance individual in the family. It makes  bathing carefree, pleasurable, and safer and help those with mobility issues, and provide for easier everyday living.

I was assigned to design a logo for them, and below are  the different design options and the chosen one.

Logo Design Option 1


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The customer who sold his dog

They say all sorts make up the world. Here in this post, I’m going to share with you a funny business encounter with a client who claims to have sold his dog to pay for my work ….read on ……!

Here’s the anecdote …. let’s call the client Josh.

Josh approached me through another client’s referral. He wanted a logo and after some bargaining we agreed on an amount. I took him for his word and on good faith send him some design concepts. Three sample designs caught his eye and he wanted to take ’em up. I tweaked the designs a bit to make it more riveting and relevant and send it across to him. He told me that the new designs were neat and that he loved them ….however … I had to convince his wife as well. Whhhoa This was new …..

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How to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer without losing your peace of mind

Step 1: Know what you want

Make your requirements clear about what is the job and how much skill is required. Don’t cast Tom Hanks for an extra’s role!

Step 2: Sieve out of the hay-stack

The world is full of graphic designers. You need to find the right on for you. Get online and primary reviews. Do your research on the available skills.

Step 3: Ask the field experts

The best sources of reviews are people who work long term with graphic designers. Ask graphics printers and web designers for first hand reviews.

Step 4: Expand your boundaries

With internet being the major communication medium, you are not limited to finding a local freelancer. The world is your playground and you can find your guy from anywhere if he does the right job for you. Read more →

15 Best Creative Minimalist Ads


As Leonardo DA Vinci’s quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, I believe minimalism is key of good design. They seems easy and created within few minutes but simple design takes much more hours then a rush one. Today I rounded up 15 minimal brilliant ads, Thanks to for providing such a good service.

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Logo Design with Punctuation Marks

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all know that punctuation marks are vital ingredient of a sentence, word or a phrase and even its a best way to punctuate a logo. Today, I rounded up 10+ creative logos that integrate the punctuation marks in a creative way.

Please, click on the logos to know the details about the designer and the logo.


Earth Branding
By Hayes Image


By Mads Burcharth

Quote strock logo Designs

Quote Stork
By Draward


By: Johnny

God Press

By Matthew Reynold


By Me : ) (Shameless self promotion)

movi quotes logo design

By Jupiterpol

curious logo design

By: Action Designer


By Felro


By Strangeideas


NHow (Question Mark “O”)

By: Colorbook

Top image: Horia Varlan

PPC banner ads design, 10 read must key points.

Thinking to lunch a full blast campaign in Google Adwords or any other banner advertisement product? Wait No rush, read the below 10 key points.

(1) Keep the design simple but interesting. It is not necessarily true that people do not read ads. People love creative ads. You only have a few seconds to impress a potential customer through your banner, so don’t lose them right from the start by having an over the top, complicated advertising banner.

(2) Keep your wording short and simple. You only have few seconds to grab attention of the viewer, so those short and simple words must be able to make them understand about your service or product.

(3) Give people a reason to click: Mainly viewers will only respond to a compelling proposition, they react favorably to banners that provide them a chance to win something. A banner where they can get something for free or a special discount also gets high click rates.

(4) Provide a call to action. You have to make sure, you are asking your potential customer to “Click Here” or “Submit” for more information.

(5) Target your ads : If you are looking for graphic designers for a site catering fonts, a SEO professional who clicks on your banner is less relevant to you. A campaign targeted to a specific audience is likely to return better results. A targeted campaign is geared to a specific audience, be it a certain demographic group or people working in a specific industry.

(6) Use enticing words with eye catching font. Everyone likes to get something for free, so if you are offering it, throw in the words “Free” or “Special Offer” to increase the CTR on your banner ad design. If you use fewer words, you can use a bolder, larger font. If you must use more than one font, use two at the most.

(7) Choose images creatively; use only bright/rich images: Using bright images will help attract attention, however, be careful not to use irrelevant images to your service or business.

(8) Test your banner ads before going to full blast campaign: No rush, before shooting the banner ad campaign, upload the banner in a page with other contents and images, and share the link through twitter or facebook, and see the reaction.

(9) Do not be misleading, wrong message won’t help you to get business: In order to make advertisement tempting, some people show something that has nothing to do with what they are selling just to grab a viewers’ attention. Don’t do that. Make sure your banner ad design portrays the truth.

(10) Don’t just send them to your home page: If the banner ad doesn’t carry the viewer (clicker) through to the product landing page, it’s pointless. Always use a cleverly designed killer landing page so that none of your potential customer get chance to escape.

Well, if you think these points make sense or should I have to add some more points? Just leave a comment below, I value your comments.

And, If you need any assistance or help to create effective PPC banner ads, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Photo: Joe Guitar

Branding – For better or Worse

In today’s world of fierce competition, branding has become an integral part of every business strategy. Branding relates to creating an image of any product, service or business that can be easily depicted in as brief a form as a symbol, punch line etc. However, behind that symbol lie the complete ideology and the statement delivered by the complete brand. There are many glorious examples of success of branding like Nike’s ‘Swoosh’, Toyota’s ‘Bull’, Budweiser’s ‘Wassup!’. Such subtle depictions of a brand create long lasting memories about the brand in the minds of people.

These memories will create a sort of association with the brand.

The whole branding process can be summarized into three broad aspects. Firstly, one needs to ensure that the product being marketed is a quality product. Because, however strong the branding campaign is, the product will only survive if it really offers quality to consumers. Second, identify who are the customers for your product, and then only your branding campaign will stand relevant. No point reaching people who are never going to buy your product. Lastly, back the brand will full support and responsibility. You have to feel strongly about your brand and then only the customers will also do so.