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Design A Successful Website

Making a website successful on Internet is an art in itself. The process has a lot of facets attached to it. The parameters of success will depend on the objective of your website. If you are on Internet for making money out of your website, making a fancy and jazzy website will not solve the purpose. You will have to incorporate features in your website that can sell your website and help in reaching out to as many customers as possible.

Further, your offerings should be lucrative enough to guide customers to take appropriate actions on your website.

Firstly, you need to decide upon the niche of your website. It is crucial as the niche should be something that will sell and innovative. Then you should make sure that whole of your website is focused on the selected niche and does not digress from it.

When you start building the website, there will be lot of technical aspects that you will have to take care of. These aspects will help make your website friendly to search engines and hence attract more audience. The most important requirement is an intelligent use of relevant keywords on your website. Then you should also work on meta tags, URLs, graphics and website design and layout.

Negative Space in Logo Design

Logo design is in itself an art that has a lot of commercial value as well. A logo has many functions to perform. It has to represent the brand capturing the idea behind the brand in a concise and complete manner. At the same time they have to visually appealing, simple and obviously innovative. So, you can’t write a story for a logo. It just has to be a simple image or text with only two or three elements in it. So less for so much, isn’t it?

These requirements make it essential to use what ever space is available to you to the maximum effect. This brings us to the importance of utilizing the negative spaces available in the logo design so that they can also show and convey something.

By definition, as provided in art, negative spaces are spaced aligning about or with in the main elements of an image. Generally, these spaces are just leftovers after one has put the all the major elements in the image.

However, in logo design, with so little space to work with, on simply cannot afford to lose even that much of space. Using this very idea, people have been creating some of the most interesting and innovative logo designs by utilizing negative space. The famous FedEx logo is a classic example of use of negative space.

Art, Animation and Typography

Yesterday I found this brilliant 60 seconds advertisement for the Turkish edition of The New York Times. It proves that, Typography is not only about choosing a nice typeface, it’s much more than that, it’s how we arrange the types in the right size, weight and type of font. Quality typography can make a big difference in communications, because it can impact the way the reader perceive the topic.

Enjoy the video.

You can download the original video here, as explains “This is our one minute advertisement for the launch of Turkish Edition of The New York Times.

We constructed typographic versions of the most recognizable landmarks in Manhattan and Istanbul, and created a compact tour taking the audience from the New York Harbor all the way to the Bosphorus. Actual pages from the first issue of the newspaper were used to create the textures used in the scenes. The financial news page became NYSE and Wall Street, entertainment news turned into Times Square, and so on.”

Brand Loyalty or Human Billboard

I’m sure there is no undo option for Apple or Microsoft tattoos, what if someone have a tattoo of Lehman Brothers or General Motors LOGO 🙂 kidding.

Since two years, I’m surfing through a variety of corporate tattoos like Nike swoosh tattoo and Adidas. Do you think people who exhibit these tattoos are paid to do so?? I explored into the subject deeper and came to a conclusion that none of those corporate tattoo exhibitors are paid. Those people are just loyal to those brands. Mostly designers are fascinated with Apple tattoo & sports person with sports brand tattoos.
I think a successful branding is what, which can leave a footprint of their existence in the viewers sub conscious state of mind. But corporate tattoo proves there is another pro successful branding process, which can motivate peoples to make tattoo for the brand.

While digging the topic I passed through a similar post which is wired here in brief.

There are all kinds of people with Apple tattoos, from graphic designers to leading academicians. Most have Apple’s famous logo tattooed on an arm, leg or their backside.
But it’s not really about advertising for Apple.”I’m a Mac freak,” said Mark Tappert, a graphics designer in Denmark who has a black Apple logo tattooed on his left biceps.
“I identify strongly with Apple and Mac computers,” he said. “I work on Macs every day, and a lot of nights. I got it done to convince myself I would always be true to Apple, not for religious or political reasons, but to convince myself that Macs are the way ahead.”
There are, of course, other corporate brands that inspire tattoos: Coca-Cola, Nike and Lacoste are some examples.

Apple is one of the few companies that inspire tattoos through pure love of the product. There are perhaps only two other companies that enjoy similar devotion: Harley Davidson and Campagnolo, an Italian bicycle parts company. Apple is certainly the only computer company with tattooed users.
The closest analogy is fans of sports teams, members of fraternities and other social groups, such as Marines, Manchester United soccer fans, gang members or fraternity brothers. And just as sports fans will often get team haircuts, Apple haircuts are another form of adornment peculiar to Mac fans.
“So many tattoos are about love, loyalty and bravado,” said Amy Krakow, author of The Total Tattoo Book. “Don’t Mac users fall into all those categories?”

Read the Wired story

Enjoy the Flickr group pool for Apple Tattoo

Photo (c) Mike Gowen

How to meet deadline?

Its tough to get a new assignment for newcomer freelance graphic designer and to complete the job within the deadline is even harder.  A single minute makes a huge difference. Few years back I used to switch off my phone, lock the door from inside to avoid friends and other visitors just to complete the job on the given deadline. Once you know, what time management is, giving priority to the works and full concentration is, then meeting deadline will be easier for you. Here are few basic things to avoid deadline rush. You shouldn’t be optimistic, don’t fix a deadline which you think you will not be able to meet. Commitment is good but you should be realistic with your deadlines. In order to impress the client or to get the project you shouldn’t lie to your clients. You should make sure that you and the client are in agreement with a specific deadline including time of days. While quoting for the project don’t quote 1day if you can finish the assignment in a day, rather quote 30 hours and delivery within 24 hours, this process will enhance your relation with client. Don’t take workload if you are already working with an assignment. Always speak the truth with client, never say your assignment is about to finish if the work is in pre-stage. The biggest fault of a designer missing the deadline is the commitment of handling more than what he can.

If you are hired for a project, don’t try to complete the project at one go, the outcome will always be a mistake. It will be far better if you try to tackle the project step by step. Just analyze the project break it into steps, then start doing it. You might have experienced that a client sometimes asks for a change in your design, what do you think is the reason for that? To me that is due a lack of communication with the client. When you get the project, don’t make a hush just ask the client properly until an unless you are clear with the clients idea, because you are designing for the client. He is the main priority at that point of time.

If you are not able to meet the deadline (probably you have overcommitted), just contact the client and try to fix another deadline. It’s much better to contactthe client to let go the deadline without any communication. It’s ok for only once that you haven’t meet the deadline, so for your future progress take a few minutes to analyze the reason or what went wrong that you were not able to meet the deadline.

If you want to have a productive schedule you have to maintain your own time like when to work, when to sleep and when to eat. Some people whenever they feel like working late they work late and when they don’t want to work they don’t. This is not a way o maintaining your schedule. You should sleep 6 hours maximum for your good health. A healthy body has a healthy mind and if you have a healthy mind you can concentrate on your work. You should avoid junk foods and start having a real food. After working for an hour or two you must take a rest of at least 10 minutes having a glass of water. It will make your mind relax and then you can make a good pick up on your work. Even if your deadline is coming near don’t stress on it, just be calm and try to concentrate on it. In that situation you shouldn’t concentrate on useless thing while you are working on your project.

If you are a new freelancer graphic designer, when you are hired for a project just try to make two deadlines. It’s just for your convenience only, so that you wouldn’t stress. Even if your client agree to give you 2 deadlines, it’s good for you. It depends on you that you finish the job before the 1st deadline or the 2nd. If possible don’t go for the 2nd deadline, better to complete the project before the 1st deadline.

As a graphic designer you always make designs, you may take it easily. Its ok… according to your experience you can act like that. But, personally I always take my work seriously and as a challenge which has always motivated me in my work. Because of this I have never crossed my deadline; I have always been able to complete the project on time.

image by smemon87


Graphic design and its quality

In today’s world, business is on its height. Everyone is on rush and business of different types are competing each other. So, it is important to think wisely before making any designs or illustrations for any brands or companies.

We, the graphic designers are also one of the important instruments in bringing the business & marketing in the height. A Graphic designer may need assistance of persons who can help out in different way- technically or in resources. But, it is the graphic designers individually, who should have the abilities and qualities to become a good designer. A professional Graphic Designer should have years of experience, with much experience a designer will surely have a knowledge in using the designing tools.

Graphic designer should be responsive, on time and effective otherwise, it will be hard to maintain the productive schedule. Literally, Graphic Designers should have the attitude of making the customer service a priority. The Graphic Designer should have great creativity, creating graphics or designs of its own which is 100% original without using any free resources from the internet. Any common designer can create quick and cheap designs which are useless and a waste of time but an experience designer goes for a quality not for the quantity. Prospective Graphic Designer with marketing experience will surely have his/her site and portfolio well established and well designed.

Graphic Designer should know the cost and timeline of an assignment to designed and completed. And the most important is that the designer should not be a part-time worker, even if he can do a good job, will that designer be available at business hours or anytime? The answer is “NO”, so a designer should always be a full-time designer. Graphic Designer should have a good communication skill with the ability to interact with different people establishing a good working relationship.

photo: Radar Communication



Have you ever seen a rainbow over a snows cape mountain? Its wonderful, feels like in heaven. Have you ever seen the color combinations? The Mother Nature has created it. Everyone please, look around what do you notice? The sky is blue, the leaves are green… the things you are wearing, you are using, you are eating, everything is in colors.

When you are out on the road driving, you will surely stop when you see a red light on the traffic. OR don’t you… ha just kidding. And you will start driving when you see green light. Just think if there were no colors then how you will know when to drive or when to stop. Simply we will have a road accident now and then. You have a concept that colors are red, blue, green…..etc. but have you as a  graphic designers tried to notice the true image of “what a color is trying to notify?” As being a professional graphic designer, we all use to play with different colors, different combinations… because we are earning our living with these colors with your little creativity in mind. So, don’t you think colors are important to you?  As myself think colors are important, so I have written below, “the importance of a color” which I think will help us….. Simply before going further I would like to tell you that playing with color is like a game full of fun.


Red is a strong color. It really attracts the eye and stimulates the mind. It is known for its aggression and high energy. This color indicates leadership. It is a color which can easily attract a persons mind. It draws a certain kind of attraction and it’s a kind of accent which can focus attention of other things.

The color RED:

  • Increases enthusiasm
  • Stimulates energy
  • Encourages action and confidence
  • A sense of protection from fears and anxiety


Blue is my favorite color. Blue is the color of higher thoughts. This color seems dependable, committed and trustworthy. It shows patience and devotion. Blue signify creativity and artistic. It is a “gender specific” color, having equal appeal to both men and women.

The color blue:

  • Calming and sedate
  • Cooling


Green is the color of nature and is refreshing. The color green is always considered a good sign and is capable of healing. Green is a strong energy and attracts a lot of positive power, it is the shade of peace and harmony. It is the color of honesty and truth. Green is the main color in natural world and we are used to seeing it everywhere. Green is considered the color of peace and ecology.

The color green:

  • Soothing
  • Relaxing mentally as well as physically
  • Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety
  • Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony


Yellow is friendly and cheerful. It shows action and warmth, and is also the color of intelligence. It shade social energy. Yellow is not the color of a leader, yellow prefers to follow. The color yellow also represents curiosity and the desire to make things better. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future.

The color yellow:

  • Mentally stimulating
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Activates memory
  • Encourages communication


Purple represents the energy of the quest. It is the color of things dedicated to seeking and finding the answers of life’s mysteries. Purple is also the color of royalty, self confidence and ego. Purple is luxury and carries the power of big profits.  Purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls.

The color purple:

  • Uplifting
  • Calming to mind and nerves
  • Offers a sense of spirituality
  • Encourages creativity


Orange is a sun color and is full of energy. It shows things that move fast and that have great strength of purpose. Orange is a wealth of the mind and knowledge. Orange represents the energy that enjoys giving to others. It can indicate all growing things and new beginnings. Orange color has a shade of broad appeal.

The color orange:

  • Stimulates activity
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Encourages socialization


Brown is the color of the earth and shows a firm and definite vibration. It represents the practical side of things. Success comes by steady work. It does not show energy that soars, but rather a secure and slower force. Brown indicates things that work hard. It is the color of endurance. Brown color represents all the all things natural or organic.

The color brown:

  • Feeling of wholesomeness
  • Stability
  • Connection with the earth
  • Offers a sense orderliness


Black shows a great feeling for form and for social events. It represents a formal and rather reserved energy that also shows an uncanny insight into human affairs. Black is the color of strong drive and purpose. Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions too much can be overwhelming. A classic color for clothing possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

The color black:

  • Feeling inconspicuous
  • A restful emptiness
  • Mysterious evoking a sense of potential and possibility.


White is the strongest and most pure, clean and neutral of all the color. It is the color of perfection and pure light energy. It represents good and fair judgment and shows the path of the spirit and surrounds a safe and happy home.

The color white effects:

  • Adds mental clarity
  • Encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles
  • Evokes purification of thoughts or actions
  • Enables fresh beginnings


Gray is timeless, practical, and solid. A longstanding favorite suit color, gray can mix well with any color. Although well like and often worn, people rarely name gray as a favorite color possibly because Gray also is associated with loss or depression.

The color gray effects:

  •  Unsettling
  • Expectant

Thanks, enjoy the true colors.