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Client Testimonials has always been a part of motivation to me. When I’ve finished working on a design project, the client is often kind enough to offer their personal thoughts about the service I provide.
Here’s what you can expect should you decide to work with me.

Working with Kriszha was pure pleasure. I asked him to design a logo, and he delivered exactly what I was looking for. Actually, he even improved my original idea, so that the end result looked even better than what I had in mind. Moreover, he communicated better than any freelancer I have worked with so far and set himself short deadlines, which he always met. Reliable and excellent service. Thanks a lot.

Lucas Kleinschmitt, Hamburg, Germany
Visit: GermanEfficiency.com, Twitter: twitter.com/GermanEff

I have worked with Krishna on a number of different graphics projects and keep returning because of his creativity and skill. The latest involved creating a logo for our inbound marketing agency. Based on experience, I knew it was best to give some broad direction but let his creativity come out. In short our guidelines were: clean, not overly busy, very few colours, but not “blue chip” colours, something that evokes trust, knowledge, modern nothing frilly, dainty or complicated possible use of a funnel or arrow.
Krishna delivered with enthusiasm and we found a match in the second round of design alternatives. We particularly like the combined simplicity and complexity of the arrow and have had many compliments.
I highly recommend Krishna.

JP Obbagy, Managing Partner
Relevance Path Inbound Marketing
Visit: relevancepath.com, Follow: twitter.com/JPObbagy

We searched for a long time to find the right logo designer that could design according to very high client demands. We contacted several design agencies in both London and New York and were unsatisfied with their design proposals. By chance we came across Krishna Sharma who quickly understood what we wanted to convey through our logo. The result speaks for itself. During the design process, we found Krishna Sharma to be hard working producing a spectacular result in a very fast turnaround time.

James Snelgrove
London, UK

maniprasad We’ve been working with Krishna for the last 5 years. He is the best. In the beginning, we used to give him instructions on what we want the logo or an advertising image to ‘say’ to the viewer. But his images did better job than what we wanted, so we stopped giving such instructions but started telling him the goals only and left the rest for him to decide.
We often give him jobs with very tight deadlines (unintentionally) but he always deliver..sometimes he works without sleeping for a couple of days and finishes the work.  Once all our sites were attacked. We took that as an opportunity re-do our websites. Krishna worked with us very fast (and without any sleep) to deliver varieties of images and headers we needed. I believe that he charges less for his service but he generally doesn’t accept that and wants to charges what he considers a fair fee. I am sure he can make more money if he charged more but he works to keep the clients for long. I do not think we could have a better graphic design partner than Krishna. I recommend him strongly.

Mani Padisetti, COO and Director
Digital Armour Corporation, Sydney, Australia
Visit: digitalarmour.com.au

Logo PMF Our organization is very happy with the work performed by Kriszha.He worked extremely quickly, helping us meet deadlines, and was quick and responsive in all email communication. For the price he charged, the work we received was very excellent. He was also open to changes and willing to happily make a large number of drafts and revisions with very little turnaround time.
Great work!

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, http://www.naspaa.org
Washington, DC 20005

Jamel Gibbs Kris, I just wanted to thank you so much for your prompt work, and professionalism. It is truly a pleasure to have you on my team because you are a team player.
Anyone that is not using your service is truly missing out.
Thanks a bunch

Jamel Gibbs, www.HowtoFlipforProfits.com, PO BOX 931, Reading, Pa 19603


One of the most talented designers I have ever worked with! Made us a logo and we just loved it! He worked amazingly fast in got 8 great samples done for us in just 1 day.
Very good communication and he is always available through IM.

Highly recommended!

Eyass Shakrah, www.djuxe.com

meg I have hired a few designers for different projects, and I’m pleased to say that Kriszha delivers good quality work at the right price.

He is also very communicative and pleasant to work with.

Terje Hauger
www.biofil.no, Biofil.no, 7165 Oksvoll

Kriszha is an excellent designer and worked very well! Highly recommended, and will gladly hire again! Thank you :)
Cristian S. Aluas


I asked Kriszha to provide me with text over a logo and supply me with several formats for printing. The job was done very fast and very professional. I would use Kriszha for future jobs. Outstanding to work with. For the second time I’ve used Kriszha and again received exactly what I wanted in the time I needed it. Kriszha is one of the most professional designers I’ve worked with so far. I’ve used Kriszha a couple of times now and every time I asked Kriszha to do something it is done quickly and professionally. I won’t hesitate to hire Kriszha again. And again for the third or fourth time I used Kriszha and every time. I’m surprised on the product that I get. Kriszha is an in creditable designer and I will continue to use him for future projects. Thank you.

Michael Simmons
Security Consultants and Protection Group, LLC
Employment Background Solutions, LLC
www.scapgroup.us, www.ebscheck.com