They say all sorts make up the world. Here in this post, I’m going to share with you a funny business encounter with a client who claims to have sold his dog to pay for my work ….read on ……!

Here’s the anecdote …. let’s call the client Josh.

Josh approached me through another client’s referral. He wanted a logo and after some bargaining we agreed on an amount. I took him for his word and on good faith send him some design concepts. Three sample designs caught his eye and he wanted to take ’em up. I tweaked the designs a bit to make it more riveting and relevant and send it across to him. He told me that the new designs were neat and that he loved them ….however … I had to convince his wife as well. Whhhoa This was new …..

After 10 designs and 15 revisions his lady finally approved a design. Back on course , I now send him the source files, pdf style guides etc.
I had struck a chord with Josh hence he was very keen to collaborate on some other projects. I hadn’t been paid for my work so I send him a reminder. He told me it was taking time for money to be credited into his paypal account hence I got cracking on the new assignment. Send him some quality work which he liked and this continued for some time before we hit a road block. You see I hadn’t yet been paid for any of my designs and things were getting awkward.

Well he finally summoned the courage to tell me that he had to sell his dog to pay me. I was incredulous but he said he was serious. I thought I’d humour him a bit so… encouraged him to sell his pet… as pets are no good, they won’t bark at website hackers, can’t chase out content stealer and are a nuisance anyways . And the outcome, Well….I Finally got paid 🙂

Conclusion: Nowadays for every assignment, I prefer 50% of the total amount in advance & the rest post completion .

You see A man’s got to be paid for an honest days work ……… one of life’s lesson’s for me

Photo: Irish Typepad